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Sofia Lynch

Director. Actor. Producer. Writer. Full of it.

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Meet Sofia Lynch

Sofia Lynch was born and raised in Metro Detroit, Michigan — brought up on comedy movies, Greek heritage, and Motown music. While attending the University of Michigan, Sofia discovered a deep passion for being anywhere near the creative process — writing, producing, acting, and finally, directing. In her senior year, Sofia was selected to direct a 30-minute comedy for the Senior Capstone class, the product of which debuted at the Traverse City Film Festival. Following her success in college, Sofia moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of working in the industry and snagged a job as a Writer’s PA for a Netflix show. In the job search after that show, Sofia reconnected with her true passion of acting and has been pursuing on screen and on stage opportunities ever since. Sofia recently released her first independent short, "Leaving Michiana," which she wrote, produced, directed, and starred in, and has had some festival success already. Following this release, Sofia moved back to LA to work as a COVID PA for HBO's Barry S3. Currently, Sofia is represented commercially by Minc Talent and managed by Jennifer Buchanan at Free Flight Talent Management. Sofia is open and available for acting, directing, PAing, producing and more! No project too small.

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Leaving Michiana (2021)

"Leaving Michiana" is an independent short film written, directed, and co-produced by and starring Sofia Lynch. The 21-minute short was shot on next-to-no budget, in under a week across rural Michigan.

"Leaving Michiana" has entered the festival circuit, and has already been honored with some magnificent awards and nominations:

  • "Outstanding Achievement Award (Women Short)" — August Edition of the IndieX Film Fest

  • "Best Actress" awarded to Sofia Lynch — New York Neorealism Film Awards

  • "Best Original Screenplay" Nominee — August Edition of the IndieX Film Fest

  • "Best First Time Female Filmmaker" Nominee — August, IndieX Film Fest; September, Indie Short Fest

  • "Best Women Short" Nominee — August, IndieX Film Fest; September, Indie Short Fest

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"Leaving Michiana" — A Sofia Lynch Film — 2021

"Leaving Michiana" — A Sofia Lynch Film — 2021

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